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Afghanistan Flood Relief

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On May 10 and 11, heavy rainfall and flash floods struck northeastern Afghanistan, affecting 21 districts across Badakhshan (5), Baghlan (10), and Takhar (6) provinces. These floods have caused immense hardship, with 315 people losing their lives, over 1,600 injured, and countless children and families displaced from their homes.

ICNA Relief Canada is committed to providing immediate and long-term support to our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Our programs team is preparing emergency aid packages to help alleviate their suffering and assist in their recovery.

Your generous donation will help us:

  • Provide emergency food supplies to families affected by the floods.
  • Distribute hygiene kits to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Offer temporary shelter materials or cash assistance to those who have lost their homes.
  • Rebuild homes, water wells, and community centers to restore normalcy and resilience in the affected regions.

Your Help Is Urgently Needed

Food Packs

Hygiene Kits

Temporary Shelters

Emergency Supplies

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