Seniors Support

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Seniors Support

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About Our Seniors Program

Many Muslim Seniors have a very difficult time adjusting to a new life in Canadian Society, far away from their place of birth. Moreover, with the unceasing Covid-19 Pandemic, an increasing number of seniors feel lonely and neglected in their communities. This may result in our elderly being more susceptible to mental depression and other illnesses, which are often the direct result of insufficient opportunities for healthy socialization.

ICNA Relief Canada has initiated a successful Project focused on engaging seniors in our community in order to provide them with a social forum where they can gather comfortably, interact with their peers, enjoy entertainment programs, and take part in other presentations/workshops.

Our program will include events such as: Seniors’ Social Circles in different parts of the GTA; Iftars and Eid Parties, BBQs, Health Awareness Sessions; and other forms of Social Networking. Our precious seniors deserve the best of everything we can possibly provide!

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Senior Support Online Application

I understand that the activities of this Seniors' Program will be photographed and videotaped. I consent to ICNA Relief Canada for using the photographs and video recordings for future presentations/advertising of Seniors' Program.

I understand and hereby acknowledge that certain risk of injury (e.g. from participating in certain activities such as exercise or potential health risks (e.g. food allergies) may be involved in the participation of the Seniors' Program. I hereby willingly assume such risks.

I agree that ICNA Relief Canada shall not be liable for any injury to me and/or loss or damage to my personal property arising from or in any way resulting from my participation in the Seniors' Program.

I declare having read and understood the above consent agreement in its entirety and hereby consent to participate acknowledging all the foregoing.

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