Youth Leadership
& Development

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Youth Leadership
& Development

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Apply Now for our upcoming 2024 YLDP Programs this Summer!

Youth Leadership Development Program

Mississauga, ON : 6th July – 3rd Aug

Youth Leadership Development Program

Calgary, Alberta : 6th July – 10th Aug

Youth Leadership Development Program

Ajax, ON : 14th July – 11th Aug

About Our Youth Leadership & Development Program

As an Organization who cares about the community, we at ICNA Relief
understand the value of investing in our youth! Over the past two decades, we have engaged many youth in team-based experiences that build life and work skills, while inspiring a lifetime ethic of service.

ICNA Relief Canada’s Youth Leadership & Development Program (YLDP) is unique in its “learning by doing” approach. Through a series of seminars, workshops and exciting field projects, YLDP is designed to teach the practical skills most-needed by effective and successful youth leaders. Participants will receive intensive hands-on training in areas such as confidence-building, effective communication, team dynamics, event planning and resource building.

More Youth Programs!

In addition to our YLDP Programs, ICNA Relief Canada also engages in other Youth Programs with Mosques, University MSAs, and Islamic Schools. If you have a Youth Group and would like our support in developing a unique Program, please feel free to apply and reach out to us.

Features & Advantages

  • Receive certificate for 20 hours of community service
  • Earn 5 points towards ICNA Relief Canada’s university scholarship
  • Guest speakers include professionals in their respective fields, MPs, MPPs, etc
  • Become a self-fulfilled, result-oriented and strong person

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