Funeral Support

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Funeral Support

Donate Now

What is our Funeral Support Program?

ICNA Relief Canada has established a one-time Funeral (Janaza) Support Fund to provide financial help to needy families in an already painful situation. Funeral services can be costly and not all families are able to manage the necessary expenses when a loved one dies. ICNA Relief is currently compiling resources to help guide Muslim families to appropriate Islamic Funeral Services, in addition to helping alleviate the financial burden incurred.
If you are in need of Funeral support in order to bury your loved one(s), make sure to apply through our Online Funeral Support Application.

“A Muslim has five right upon other Muslims:
1) Responding to his/her Salam,
2) Answering their invitation (to food).
3) Making Tashmeet when they sneeze.
4) Visiting them when they are sick, and
5) Following his Janaza when he dies”
– Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – Bukhari & Muslim

Please donate generously to the ICNA Relief Canada Funeral Support Fund and help preserve the dignity of our Muslim brothers and sisters in their journey to the hereafter. This service is currently available only in the Greater Toronto Area, but we hope to expand it to other cities soon, Insha’Allah.

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