Aleppo is Burning

Aleppo is Burning

The situation in Aleppo is catastrophic. Some 40 buses and ambulances move civilians to Idlib province as evacuees bid emotional goodbye to war-torn city.The scenes are heart-breaking. People are facing with impossible choices. Their eyes filled with sadness. However, the evacuation could take days.

Despite the evacuation, the United Nations warned almost 50,000 remained in the war-torn Syrian city.

Our partners are currently assisting in the ground an estimated over 100,000 people who have fled recent violence – including those from Aleppo, Syria.

Your help is very critical now. We must do what we can for the people of Syria. Here what we can do for the people of Syria! 

  • Pray for those who are suffering: Our persistence in making du’aa is a test of our belief. 
  • Raise awareness: Talk with your colleagues, neighbors, influential people and friends about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo. Share news stories from reliable sources , or write brief reflections in social media and local newspapers.
  • Donate to relief efforts: There are still millions of Syrian refugees who need help. Make a donation, even it is small in amount.