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The sponsoring of an orphan is one of the greatest deeds a Muslim could fulfill, and is a means of entering and being with the Prophet SAW in Paradise. It is also an orphan’s right, above all, to be treated well, provided with food, drink, and shelter, and to be taken care of. Therefore, ICNA Relief Canada’s Orphan Program ensures orphans all around the world are given the rights bestowed upon them. Through our Program, orphans are also taught to be self-sufficient and independent – one of our previously sponsored orphans recently got into medical school! Alhamdulillah, thanks to your support, currently we are sponsoring almost 7000 Orphans in 19 Countries – an investment of 3 Million Dollars!

ICNA Relief Canada has built many Orphanages around the world including our newly built Oasis of Urfa in Turkey for Syrian Orphan-girls.

The Oasis of Urfa is an orphanage, a home, and a symbol of hope for Syrian orphan girls in Turkey. This orphanage was built by ICNA Relief Canada with the help of local partners. With your support and generosity, this free home for orphans provides free food, shelter, healthcare, quality living, education, and other basic necessities of everyday life.

The newly built Oasis of Urfa (Turkey) for Syrian orphan-girls (2019)

“I and the one who sponsors an orphan will be in Paradise like these two” — and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them apart. (Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Al-Bukhaari, 5304).


Besides being an act of great reward, sponsoring an orphan costs less than a cup of coffee. The starting price for sponsoring an orphan with us is just $1 per day. That’s only $30 per month! Orphans in areas of severe distress can generally be sponsored under $60 per month, or $2 per day.

Country Rate ($/month)
Burkina Faso $50
Bangladesh $30
Bosnia $50
India $30
Iraq $60
Kashmir $30
Kenya $45
Lebanon $60
Pakistan $30
Palestine $60
Rohingya $50
Sierra Leone $40
Somalia $45
Sri Lanka $30
Syria $60
Uganda $45
Uyghur $60
Yemen $60
Let ICNA Relief Choose $30

Project Images

General Project Images

Syrian Girls (Urfa, Turkey)

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Sri Lanka

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In order to receive further information or details on this initiative, please contact us directly. You may find our contact information here.

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