Help Pakistan Flood
Affected People

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Help Pakistan Flood
Affected People

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Pakistan Emergency Flood Appeal:

Since mid-June, 2022, heavy rains triggered flash floods across much of Pakistan, killing at least 903 people. The dead include women, elderly and 326 children. Moreover, 95,350 homes were also destroyed and swept away, leaving families forced to live in tents far away from their villages and towns. A further 504,000 of the nation’s livestock were killed, and over 129 bridges were damaged. Authorities in Pakistan have also confirmed that 977 km of road infrastructure has been destroyed

Without access to urgent medical aid, food, clean water, and adequate shelter, those who have fled to higher ground will be at even more risk.

ICNA Relief Canada is on the ground providing life-saving aid

As an immediate response to the Pakistan Flood Emergency, ICNA Relief Canada provided immediate relief to affected areas such as southwestern Balochistan and Sindh and Eastern Punjab provinces. We responded to the disaster by providing food packs, hygiene kits, temporary shelters and other emergency supplies to thousands of affected families.

Our teams are also working with the local government to support relief efforts. ICNA Relief Canada is also focused on helping communities recover from the disaster as quickly as possible to ensure that vulnerable people do not continue to suffer the terrifying impact of the flash floods. Your support today can save the lives of countless vulnerable families in disaster and emergency situations. Please donate to our ongoing emergency appeals and provide urgent relief for all of those affected.

Pakistan Flood Update





Homes Destroyed


Livestock Killed


Your Help Is Urgently Needed

Food Packs

Hygiene Kits

Temporary Shelters

Emergency Supplies

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Livelihood Relief

Our Work So Far

Food Packs

To help against food insecurity, ICNA Relief Canada is on the ground distributed THOUSANDS of food packs to affected families.

Hygiene Kits

ICNA Relief Canada is providing Hygiene Kits to the affected families.

Temporary Shelters

We are on the ground providing temporary and emergency shelters to help people who have been displaced from their homes.

Emergency Supplies

ICNA Relief Canada is on the ground providing Emergency Supplies to the affected families.

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