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Uyghur Relief

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Since 2017, there has been a mass ethnic persecution against the Uyghurs, a Muslim ethnic minority group who live primarily in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, as well as other Turkic Muslim minorities in the region. These crackdowns and persecutions have resulted in an estimated 2-3 million Uyghurs detained in internment camps for minor violations, without formal charges or access to legal representation.

While authorities in the region have called the camps “vocational training centers,” claiming that detainees are taught language, culture and vocational skills, reports of political indoctrination and physical torture suggest a different narrative.

As a result, thousands of Uyghurs have sought refuge in countries such as Turkey and Canada through government and community-sponsored Programs. However, back at home, oppression against Uyghurs continues on, with many Uyghur refugees not knowing the whereabouts of their families, whether they are even alive or not.

How ICNA Relief Canada is helping Uyghur Communities

ICNA Relief Canada is serving Uyghur community in Turkey through following 3 programs:

  1. Sponsor an Uyghur Orphan – $60/month
  2. Student Scholarship – $100/month
  3. Widow Support – $150/month

We are also trying to bring some Uygur families to Canada through our Settlement and Refugee Sponsorship (SRS) Program.

Your support today can save the lives of vulnerable families caught in the Uyghur Emergency. Please donate to this ongoing appeal and provide urgent relief for all of those affected.


Thus, while we do not have access to the detention camps in China, ICNA Relief Canada is serving Uyghur community in Turkey through following 4 programs:

Sponsor an Orphan

Cost $60/month

Student Scholarship

Cost $100/month

Widow Support

Cost $150/month

Settlement & Refugee Sponsorship

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