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Rohingya Relief

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Since 2017, over a million Rohingya Muslims have fled from a brutal military crackdown in the northern Burmese province of Rakhine from what is, according to the United Nations Human Rights Chief "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing". As a result, most Rohingya refugees are sheltered at the Cox’s Bazaar Refugee Camp in neighbouring Bangladesh. Millions of refugees are living in camps with little to no access to safe drinking water and food or healthcare, overwhelming many relief efforts deployed in the area.

ICNA Relief Canada has deployed teams on the ground in Bangladesh & Burma. As the crisis deepens, our teams, along with the support of local Partners, provide emergency relief items such as: food, water, hygiene kits, basic supplies, temporary shelters, medicine, as well as medical assistance.

In 2023, Rohingya Relief remains one of ICNA Relief Canada’s most important Campaigns. Please donate generously to help your fellow Muslims in a crisis that worsens by the day.

Our Work with Rohingya Relief

By the Grace of Allah, and thanks to our generous donors, since 2018 ICNA Relief Canada was able to spend more than 5 Million in funds towards our International Rohingya Relief Program. Along with emergency support, these funds have supported the construction of:

  1. 3 Medical Centres
  2. 1 Mobile Dental Clinic
  3. 3 Children Homes (to support and educate Rohingya children in Bangladesh).
  4. Over 3000 Shelters, Sanitary Latrines, and Water Wells

Your support today can save the lives of vulnerable families caught in the Rohingya Emergency. Please donate to this ongoing appeal and provide urgent relief for all of those affected.

Facts & Figures

By the will of Allah, and thanks to our generous donors, in 2018 alone ICNA Relief Canada was able to spend $1.5 million towards Rohingya Relief. This includes the construction of 3 medical centres, a mobile dental clinic and 3 children homes to support and educated Rohingya children in Bangladesh.

Last year, ICNA Canada’s Ameer, Tahir Alvi, and ICNA Relief Canada’s ambassador, Dr. Fozia Alvi, as well as Imam Abu Noman Tarek, visited Rohingya Camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The teams distributed emergency relief, visited activities of our three children care homes, three medical centres, and our mobile dental clinic. The team reported that our local team successfully built over 3000 shelters, sanitary latrines, and water wells.
For further detail, please consult our 2018 progress report.

Project Images

General Project Images

24th March, 2021 (Emergency Food Distribution)

24th March, 2021 (Emergency Medical Support For Fire Victims)

27th March, 2021 (Emergency Food Distribution)

27th March, 2021 (Emergency Medical Support For Fire Victims)

29th March, 2021 (Emergency Food Distribution)

29th March, 2021 (Emergency Medical Support For Fire Victims)

29th March, 2021 (Sleeping Mat & Pillow Distribution)

30th March, 2021 (Emergency Medical Support For Fire Victims)

31th March, 2021 (Emergency Food Distribution)

31th March, 2021 (Emergency Medical Support For Fire Victims)

29th July, 2021 (Emergency Food Distribution)

1st April, 2021 (Emergency Food Distribution)

1st April, 2021 (Emergency Medical Support For Fire Victims)

How Can I Receive Further Information On This Project?

In order to receive further information or details on this initiative, please contact us directly. You may find our contact information here.

Please note that all communications are treated professionally and with full confidentiality. For more details, please view our privacy policy.

Your help is urgently needed. Please donate generously

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